A micro victory for decency as judge puts brakes on EPS/Edmonton's Christmastime sweeps

The Edmonton Police Service’s and the City of Edmonton’s plan to conduct the largest homeless encampment sweep in city history just before Christmas was temporarily foiled by lawyers representing the Coalition for Justice and Human Rights. 

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Legal battle breaks out in Edmonton over encampment clearings

This morning in Edmonton activists with the Coalition for Justice and Human Rights (CJHR) are battling the police department and the city government to stop a massive sweep of encampments in the city core.

It’s the next step in a legal fight that started suddenly last week.

Last Thursday, city representatives dropped staggering news on the agencies struggling to protect Edmonton’s growing numbers of unhoused people. The Edmonton Police Service (EPS), they said, were about to bust up eight encampment locations in the city core all at once.

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Edmonton health-care workers rally to honour 249 Palestinian colleagues killed in Gaza

Around 70 health-care workers and other community members gathered at the Canadian Druze Centre in northwest Edmonton to commemorate and honour their Palestinian colleagues in Gaza who have been killed by Israel since Oct. 7. 

There have been 249 Palestinian health-care workers killed during Israel’s assault on Gaza, as well as 50 Palestinian journalists and 111 United Nations Relief and Works Agency employees.

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AIMCo owns more than $200 million of shares in companies profiting and participating in the illegal occupation and genocide in Palestine

The Alberta Investment Management Corporation or AIMCo owns more than $200 million in shares in companies which are profiting from and participating in the occupation and illegal settlement of Palestine, according to activists with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

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UCP appointees to Alberta university boards have donated more than $72K to the UCP since 2017

Government appointees to the Board of Governors at Alberta’s universities have donated more than $72,000 to the ruling United Conservative Party since the party’s inception, according to an exclusive Progress Report analysis.

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POD: The desperate crackdown on pro-Palestinian speech in Canada

Law professor Joshua Sealy-Harrington joins host Duncan Kinney to discuss how universities and police forces across Canada are cracking down on pro-Palestinian speech and the serious effects these actions are having on Canada's very broken and barely functioning democracy. 

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Proposed Transalta acquisition mean your electricity bills are somehow going to get even worse

On November 2, Alberta’s largest electricity generation company Transalta announced that it was acquiring the province’s third largest electricity generation company, Heartland Generation. 

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Hate crime charge dropped against Calgary man who led, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” chant

A co-organizer of a Palestinian solidarity march who was charged with a hate crime for leading a chant of, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” has had his charges stayed.

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What you need to know about Alberta's newest batch of legislation

There’s no shortage of dramatic political news this November, from historic rallies against the occupation of Gaza to an aggressive play by Danielle Smith to restructure Alberta’s health care system. But while the spotlight is elsewhere, Alberta’s Legislative Assembly is still open for business. Here’s what you need to know about eleven new laws they’re cooking up in there:

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U of A cancels “damage-control” talk on 14th Waffen-SS division after pushback from professors

The University of Alberta’s Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) has quietly cancelled a webinar about the Waffen-SS and the Galicia Division which included Alik Gomelsky, a speaker with no apparent academic credentials whose writing focuses on rehabilitating Ukrainian Nazi collaborators.

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