With the UCP's help, Edmonton's police chief is out to undermine the mayor

The expected provincial election may be this year’s big show, but adjacent to the spotlight, local power struggles continue apace.

A clear example: the muted but ongoing campaign against Edmonton’s mayor, Amarjeet Sohi.

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Not cool man. Labour board finds weed grower intimidated workers during union drive

The corporate potheads at Sundial Growers turned out not to be so mellow as Teamsters Local 987 have won an unfair labour practices complaint against the Olds, Alberta based cannabis producer and processor.

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POD: Cuckoo for cryptocurrency

Paris Marx of the Tech Won't Save Us podcast joins Duncan Kinney to explore Danielle Smith's obsession with cryptocurrency and taking Alberta out of the Canada Pension Plan. 

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Cop union VP gets political, pushes false information, calls outs city councillor and says that lack of support has hindered the police’s ability to make Calgary safe

In an undated editorial from fall 2022 in a quarterly publication from the Alberta Federation of Police Associations, Chris Young, the president of the Alberta Federation of Police Associations and a vice president with the Calgary Police Association, wrote an editorial titled “Political Leaders Need to be Responsible” where he calls out a city councillor and makes several extraordinary statements. 

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Danielle Smith is cuckoo for cryptocurrency and wants to split from the Canada Pension Plan, here’s why that should scare you

It might be a relatively harmless and money-losing affectation for a former talk radio show host turned business group lobbyist to have a mid-life conversion to the church of cryptocurrency. It becomes a lot less harmless when that person becomes the premier, can tell Alberta’s pension fund manager what to do and wants to take Alberta out of the Canada Pension Plan. 

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Smith's desperate for a scrap with the feds after Coutts scandal allegations

The Premier’s office is once again desperately twisting to get out of a scandal.

This time it’s allegations that Smith’s office was emailing and pestering Crown prosecutors to interfere with the investigations into the Coutts border blockade.

Meghan Grant and Elise von Scheel, two experienced reporters with the CBC, say that sources in the Crown prosecutor’s office told them that Smith’s people were trying to meddle. And it’s not hard to believe: Smith claimed so herself more than once, including in an interview with Rebel Media back in December, and also to real journalists on January 12.

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POD: The "Alberta Model" must be destroyed

Euan Thompson of Each + Every joins Duncan Kinney to discuss the incredibly evil "Alberta Model" of addressing the drug poisoning crisis and why it must be destroyed. 

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UCP EMS crisis plan tries nothing and is all out of ideas

When government officials only tell the media late on a Friday afternoon about a presser scheduled for Monday morning, you can tell they know it’s not going to be a crowd-pleaser. 

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What killed the regional transit commission and why you should ignore everything Michael Walters says about it

Edmonton city council officially killed the regional transit commission when it pulled out of the project during budget deliberations in December. And according to transit union president Steve Bradshaw, the cause of the commission’s death can be traced to February 2020 when Strathcona County, the second largest transit system in the region, pulled out. 

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Jason Kenney’s legacy of cruelty includes record numbers of frostbite amputations for unhoused people last winter

A catastrophic failure in our social safety net occurred last winter as a CBC report shows that frostbite amputations hit a 10-year high in Edmonton. The numbers weren’t that much better in Calgary which saw a 340 per cent year-over-year increase. 

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