Lawsuit aims to end city of Edmonton’s policy of evicting homeless people from encampments when there is nowhere for them to go

A lawsuit is being launched by a local human rights group that claims Edmonton’s policy of evicting homeless people from encampments violates their civil rights. 

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Ya-hooing while Rome burns

There’s not much that demonstrates our warped priorities better than a 2020s Alberta summer.

Ever since things got especially bad a few years ago, it’s been the same perverse show. All winter we’re inundated with horror: unhoused people literally freezing on the streets as they can’t get a warm place to sleep, people are dropping left and right from drug poisonings, and everything right in everyone’s faces as desperate people on the precipice of death shelter in the only public spaces they can get into.

Then the sun comes out, the snow melts, and as soon as the cities’ unhoused folks are out in encampments instead of the train stations, all the electeds dust off their hands and decide they’re due for a break. It’s festival season! Time to get some party photos for the Instagram!

It is not time to get some party photos for the Instagram.

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Each Edmonton cop will receive an average of $10,000 from City of Edmonton thanks to $20 million arbitration decision

A new collective agreement between the Edmonton Police Association (EPA) and the City of Edmonton that was imposed by an arbitrator will cost the city an estimated $19.7 million, or roughly $10,000 per cop.

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There’s no such thing as suicide by cop

As is their wont, ASIRT released a report on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend. The results of their investigation? The complete exoneration of two Calgary cops who shot a woman to death at a Beltline-area hotel in March 2021. The woman, who was in the midst of a mental health crisis, was shot dead by two Calgary cops after she pointed a BB gun at them. 

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Alberta model fails as Alberta sets new monthly record for drug poisoning deaths

Alberta lost 179 souls to drug poisoning in April 2023, the most we’ve ever lost. Every one of those deaths was preventable. They were the product of a policy choice. 

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Edmonton cop who spoke at Coutts rally reinstated with “lower end” punishment

An Edmonton cop who spoke at a Coutts area pro-border blockade rally and posted a tearful video on Instagram of her in uniform thanking Ottawa convoy protesters and saying she would refuse “unlawful orders” has been found guilty of discreditable conduct. She was reinstated with a reprimand that will stay on her record for five years.

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One weird trick to help stop Alberta from turning into a corrupt, gangster state

The media business is doing incredibly poorly. Bell Communications laid off about 1,300 media workers last week, and are closing or selling nine radio stations. Postmedia is close to bankruptcy (and would have been bankrupt years ago if not for government subsidies). And all of this is all just the market doing what it does best. 

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Proposal for new police training facility in Beaumont broke lobbying rules

A proposed law enforcement and trucking industry training facility in Beaumont violated the government's own rules by having conservative-connected insiders lobby the government after the proposal had been submitted. This site could also potentially be used as a new training facility for a provincial police force. 

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Edmonton sets new record in cruelty by clearing unhoused folks from same encampment twice in six days

The city of Edmonton in concert with the Edmonton Police Service have set a new record by evicting unhoused people living in tents from the same location twice in six days, with one of those evictions occurring during a heat wave. 

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The UCP didn’t just win, the Alberta NDP lost. Again. Now what?

During the 2019 provincial election I did everything I could to try and keep Jason Kenney away from power.

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