Progress Report Episode 3: "Left Wing Podcast All Star Team Up"

Episode 3 of the Progress Report, "Left Wing Podcast All Star Team Up" is out!

This week Duncan and special guests Abdul Malik (from Kino Lefter) and Kate Jacobson (from Alberta Advantage) meet to talk chat about Alberta journalism, Unplanned, Calgary's horrible austerity and giveaways to billionaires, and also to celebrate AUPE kicking UCP ass in court.

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Progress Report Episode 2: "Kerry Diotte Sue Us Bitch"

The second episode of your Progress Report pod is now available! Guests Bashir Mohamed and Avnish Nanda join Duncan to explore how conservative politicians are using SLAPP lawsuits to intimidate their critics into silence--with a focus on the local example of Kerry Diotte, the Conservative Party MP who threatened to sue several young people of colour after they dared to call him out for associating with Faith Goldy, one of Canada's most prominent white nationalists. Also, analysis of Alberta's painfully white media ecosystem, their ineptitude in discussing race, and Alberta's long history of citing free speech to defend white supremacy.

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Progress Report Episode 1: "Cruel Summer"

The first episode of the Progress Report podcast is up! Progress Alberta's director Duncan Kinney and guest host Dr. Shama Rangwala break down the good and the bad from the UCP's first session as government--spoiler alert, it's mostly bad. Also: the Slumtown podcast and why it sucks; Safe City Edmonton, and why it also sucks; and a reading from Alberta's second-worst columnist, who is very pro-horse-murder.

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