Last-minute announcement by Hinshaw shocks parents

Over the weekend--just two days before schools in Alberta were set to re-open--chief medical officer of health Dr. Hinshaw dropped an announcement that shocked many parents and teachers.

Ministerial Order 33-2020 stipulates that masks and two-meter social distancing will not be mandatory in classrooms.

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Blank spot: Why Chrystia Freeland’s refusal to acknowledge her grandfather’s Nazi collaborator past matters

Recent discourse around monuments venerating Ukrainian Nazi collaborators, such as the monuments in Edmonton and in Oakville, Ontario, is bringing new attention to Canada’s messy entanglement with a burgeoning Ukrainian nationalist movement that historians warn is whitewashing the crimes of Nazi collaborators. 

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Edmonton Police deciding who gets to cover them is a problem

Since July the Edmonton Police Service has been refusing to respond to inquiries from the Progress Report.

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Edmonton police to buy new armoured vehicle, commission confirms

The Edmonton Police Service are buying a new armoured vehicle.

The Edmonton Police Commission confirmed to Progress Alberta today that a budget of $500,000 has been set aside for the purchase, which will be the third of these vehicles added to EPS’s fleet since 2007. It will arrive in Edmonton on an undisclosed date this fall.

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POD: I Want To Believe 101, Part 2

We continue our conversation with Laura Kruse on conspiracy theories and Alberta. We dive into Laura's story, McKinsey, 🍞📈, and the UCP’s incoming evisceration of Alberta’s post-secondary system, as well as our favourite conspiracy theories. 

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Shuffles, scuffles, and science projects

The Kenney administration’s slow war against organized labour continues, and a reckless school reopening in the face of COVID is only days away. Here’s our wrap-up of the week’s political stories in Alberta:

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Edmonton sports are dead

The official name of the Edmonton football team is now officially the Edmonton Football Team. After years of prodding and lobbying the team to change the racist name it finally did so, giving into public pressure after doubling down, over and again.

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POD: How to change a racist football team name

We speak with Inuk writer, professor and researcher Norma Dunning about her ultimately successful struggle to have the Edmonton CFL team change its racist and insulting team name. We also discuss Norma's powerful writing on Edmonton's actual historical relationship with the Inuit. 

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Progress Report Newsletter #229: Curriculum kayfabe

Alberta’s schools are set to re-open only a few weeks from now but we don’t appear to be getting any closer to a safe plan from the provincial government.

Mounting pressure from parents for more protective action against coronavirus has pushed education minister Adriana LaGrange to relent and require masks in schools. But the change has come so late that the provincial government didn’t have the time to openly procure these masks from the many potential local producers. Instead, the bulk of the masks are being ordered (at apparently no bulk discount! great deal!) from the American corporation Old Navy, with the remainder coming from a Red Deer company owned by a major UCP and LaGrange donor.

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Labour needs to join the defund the police movement. And it's not why you think

The worldwide groundswell against police brutality set off by Minneapolis police’s brutal murder of George Floyd has dramatically changed the politically possible. Organizing and direct action against police brutality have produced tremendous victories. Public perception of Black Lives Matter and anti-racist activism has swung incredibly positive. And a clear, coherent demand has emerged from the movement – defund the police and use the funding that frees up to invest in the community and stronger public services. 

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