Alberta wildcat strike tracker

Thousands of healthcare workers across Alberta walked off the job today in a wildcat strike. This action by workers follows attacks on Alberta's public health care system by Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party that seeks to cut, outsource and privatize many of these critical workers' jobs. 

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Dr. Hinshaw won’t save us. Only workers can

Today, Alberta’s unionized healthcare workers began wildcat strikes across the province in response to UCP austerity, layoffs and privatization. This is alongside Alberta’s active COVID-19 cases going from a trickle to a flood. The likelihood of our hospitals being overwhelmed grows every day. Alberta remains mostly open, with Jason Kenney promoting “personal responsibility” in lieu of a coherent state response to the crisis. The worst-case scenario outlined months ago is rapidly approaching, case numbers are increasing, and the supports propping up the system are being systematically destroyed. 

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Jason Kenney's Alberta: "Single father, need help. Don’t want money, want a job.”

Back in March 2020, Jennifer Rapuano-Kremenik saw a father with a young child holding a sign that read, “Single father, need help. Don’t want money, want a job.” That inspired her to get together with friends to start a grassroots organization called Harvest Hills Cares which has helped more than 3,200 families in need of food, shelter, and other support so far.

Placing me on hold multiple times to take calls for assistance in the short time we were on the phone, Rapuano-Kremenik told me about some of the more poignant situations she’s addressed over the past seven months.

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They're serious

Once again, the United Conservative Party have laid bare their priorities at their annual general meeting. And this time, for a change, people seem to be believing them.

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POD: Defund2Fund is getting bigger and more organized every day

We speak with Courtney Walcott and LJ Parker about their work with the Defund2Fund coalition on defunding the police in Calgary as well as psychopathic challenge coins, why so many teachers and principals think it's ok to use the n-word in school, domestic violence in the Calgary Police Service and more. 

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After bombshell report some Wexit leaders denounce neo-Nazism in their ranks – others don’t

Last week the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) published an incredible scoop: that a group of Hitler-quoting, Stormfront-posting, Nazi Germany enthusiasts operating under the banner of the Alberta Separatist Youth League (ASYL), had embedded themselves into positions of power in the ‘Wexit’ Alberta independence movement.

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UCP announce 11,000 health care layoffs

Tuesday morning the UCP government announced massive cuts to AHS.

Side-stepping the swelling public support for doctors and nurses, the UCP are going after workers in less high-profile roles: support staff like housekeepers, laboratory workers, and laundry workers.

In total the cuts amount to 11,000 layoffs--that’s 11,000 good, stable health care jobs eliminated in the middle of a pandemic. 

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POD: Wexit Nazis Fuck Off

Elizabeth Simons is the co-author of a new piece published by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network on a group of young men in the Wexit movement, the Alberta Separatist Youth League, who have big political aspirations and are also extremely explicit in their anti semitic, racist, and authoritarian beliefs in leaked private chat logs. 

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The Alberta Model isn’t a path to recovery – it’s social murder

The “Alberta Model” concocted by the UCP government and the Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions (MMHA) Jason Luan to deal with the opioid poisoning crisis is social murder in action. The contempt Premier Jason Kenney and his political elite allies have for Alberta’s poorest and most marginalized people means we will see tragic, preventable death at a scale we’ve never seen before. 

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The UCP’s war on women (and why it might cost them the next election)

When Wing Kar Li revealed Health Minister Tyler Shandro’s personal connection to a private health brokerage that stood to benefit from decisions he was making as a minister, the United Conservative Party attacked her on social media. As the situation unfolded and threats started rolling in, Li began to worry that enraged supporters would find her home and seek retribution. 

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