Kenney's time may almost be up

We’re about to see a major inflection point in Albertan politics—maybe in a few weeks, or perhaps even today.

Jason Kenney’s up for review by his party on April 9th, and it’s not looking like he’s going to get a very high grade. His former rival for the UCP leadership, Brian Jean from the Wildrose Party, is his rival once again, having secured a UCP nomination and then a seat in the Legislature on a platform of unseating Kenney.

Kenney’s already started with the dirty tricks. In a last-minute surprise, the party announced that instead of votes being counted in-person, now mail-in-ballots will be accepted from across the province. It looks like a sneaky move to kneecap Kenney’s opponents, and a dozen UCP constituency associations voiced their outrage on Tuesday. What’s ironic is that the original setup was meant to favor Kenney, too: making the meeting expensive and a pain to attend was a trick to shut out the anti-Kenney crowd. But now that too many of the anti-Kenney folks have signed up, it seems like Team Kenney would rather roll the dice with the general population.

As a side benefit for the Premier, the expanded mail-in voting will take who knows how long to collect and tabulate, delaying his exit for some indeterminate time.

Though if Rachel Notley has her way, he’ll be out today. Notley is calling on UCP caucus members fed up with Kenney to vote down the budget, which is up in the Legislature today. The budget’s a confidence bill, so that would trigger an election immediately. I don’t know if Kenney’s caucus are upset enough about this ballot chicanery to take that step, but I suppose we’ll all find out this afternoon.


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