The art of the deal

$10-a-day, publicly-subsidized child care is on the way to Alberta, finally. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Edmonton to announce it at a press conference with Jason Kenney on Monday and you could tell the Premier wasn’t feeling it.

For months Kenney has been hostile to the daycare deal, often pointing to what he characterized as unfairness in favor of Quebec. The federal government was making Alberta jump through hoops to get the funding that Quebec didn’t have to, he claimed. There wasn’t much substance to his allegations. It was easy for Quebec to qualify for the funding simply because they already did publicly-subsidized child care.

Only one of these men was having a good time on Monday. (Image from the Government of Alberta's livestream of the press conference.)

Far-right trashbags associated with Edmonton’s hate-gang scene tailed the PM to a local YMCA, which was hosting the press conference, where they joined raging anti-Semite and anti-vax influencer Chris Sky and a small group of like-minded scumbags in banging on the windows and screaming that Trudeau was a pedophile. But Trudeau seemed unbothered, focused instead on enjoying Jason Kenney’s obvious misery. By the end of the presser, Kenney was taking embarrassing questions from the press about the slow collapse of the United Conservative Party with his nemesis standing right behind him.

The subsidized child care program is understandably very popular with folks who have been struggling with the rising cost of daycare, and will be implemented over the next five years. The general consensus of the pundit types has been that Kenney obstructed the deal in the hopes that the Conservative Party would win the federal election and get rid of it. You might expect that a year of playing hardball at least let Kenney wring some concessions out of the feds—but no. Alberta is getting virtually the same deal as British Columbia, which signed on months ago.


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