Kenney finally hits back

One nice consequence of Jason Kenney losing the anti-masker constituency: at least now he doesn’t have any reason to keep appeasing them.

You could hear a touch of derision in his voice as he held an unusual ‘myth-busting’ variation of the usual COVID update on Monday. No, he said, COVID isn’t just in the cities, almost seeming to strain to not add you idiots at the end. No, he said, PCR tests actually work and are not a scam. No, it isn’t safe for young people to get COVID. Yes, there is an actual risk of ICUs being overwhelmed (as I’m writing this, there are only four available ICU beds in the entire province.)

It’s a pretty big shift for a Premier who not so long ago spent most of his bandwidth kissing up to the anti-science crowd, telling us that COVID was just the flu and stressing that infection control measures had to stay minimal because wearing a mask at stores and not eating at Boston Pizza would be such a horrible imposition on our rights. You’ve got to think he’s wondering at this point why he even bothered, now that the scofflaws he coddled for over a year are all turning on him.

But he’s getting a little revenge here and there. He must have enjoyed laying into Calgary mayoral candidate Kevin Johnston online this weekend after Johnston was finally arrested for his multiple threats against AHS workers. And most satisfying of all: getting to finally throw the constant embarrassment Drew Barnes out on his ass along with Todd Loewen after Loewen dared to pen a letter demanding Kenney’s resignation. They’ll join Pat Rehn in the penalty box, sitting as independents, while the UCP caucus shrinks to now only 60 members. Keep it up, Mr. Kenney! You’ve finally found some cuts we all can get behind.


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