Sub-Redford polling numbers throw the UCP caucus in disarray

In the wake of the failed attempt at a coup by supporters of Donald Trump, conservatives across the country are scrambling to distance themselves from Trumpism and the far-right media-grifter complex that propped it up. Closer to home, Alberta conservatives are scrambling to distance themselves from something too--their own leader.

Jason Kenney’s approval ratings are in the gutter after we all learned last week that six of his caucus members and a whole whack of his staff ignored the pandemic restrictions they’ve imposed on all of us to go party in Hawaii, Mexico, London and Las Vegas, and it doesn’t look like everyone in the UCP caucus wants to follow him there.

Don’t get the wrong idea. These are folks who happily carried water for Kenney through the lies, through the layoffs, through his whole disastrous COVID response. But you can tell they smell the doom on him. Zealous right-winger Drew Barnes has got the knives out. So does Michaela Glasgo. The most brutal condemnation so-far has come from Nathan Cooper, who called the vacationers’ and Kenney’s conduct an “embarrassment” in a frustrated response to a constituent last week. And who commissioned the poll itself that has the UCP in this panic? Well that’s old Derek Fildebrandt, still haunting this good province from beyond his political grave.

Duncan and I had a chat about this on the latest Progress Report podcast and our conclusion was that a caucus revolt right now seems unlikely. But our local conservatives do love to turn on each other, don’t they? Another few points down in the polls and anything could happen.


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