Platform tracker: Where do the candidates stand? Updated May 27

We're tracking the leadership commitments of the candidates here—as much for your information today as for accountability down the road.

Rakhi Pancholi dropped out of the race on Tuesday, March 26, and endorsed Naheed Nenshi.

Gil McGowan dropped out of the race on Monday, May 13.

Here are the policies that the ANDP leadership candidates have actually and specifically committed to:

Health care

  • Kathleen Ganley made a series of detailed platform promises on healthcare including: Access to family doctors/primary care within 3 Days, investing and setting standards for long-term care, investing and supporting families relying on homecare, rejoining the federal pharmacare plan. 
  • Sarah Hoffman released a policy package on hiring 1000 doctors and fixing the healthcare system. Hoffman promises to recruit 1,000 doctors and a combined 3,000 nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinical assistants, add 1500 public and non-profit continuing care beds, establish staffing ratios and minimum hours of care for patients, change the physician compensation model and fair pay and more full-time positions for staff in continuing care facilities and homecare. 
  • Rakhi Pancholi released a policy package on improving public health care. She promised to build the South Edmonton Hospital, Red Deer Hospital, and Airdrie Urgent Care Clinic, ensure fair compensation for nurses and bring in a new funding model for family physicians. Pancholi would also create a healthcare workforce plan to improve training, attraction and retention of healthcare professionals. Pancholi also promised to establish legislated standard for healthcare delivery, shift to more community care and eliminate gaps in coverage for mental health support. 


  • Sarah Hoffman promises to transfer underused government and commercial land to a re-established Ministry of Housing, which will provide low-cost and no-cost loans to developers to build one-third non-market, one-third near-market and one-third market housing, invest $60 million a year in non-profit, public and co-op housing over a decade, and cap rent increases at two per cent for two years before tying increases to inflation for the next two years.
  • Kathleen Ganley commits to investing in affordable housing and and housing co-ops and promises caps on student rent  

Gender parity

  • Kathleen Ganley wrote a letter to the Alberta NDP Women's Caucus pledging that under her leadership at least half the party's candidates in the 2027 election will be women, and that if she wins at least half of her cabinet will be female.


Children's services

Bus service

Car insurance

  • Kathleen Ganley wants to drive down auto insurance costs for Albertans by introducing a public option. ATB Financial would the body responsible for offering publicly backed auto insurance. 



  • Gil McGowan says he would introduce automatic certification if more than 50 per cent of workers in a workplace signed union cards, or if the employer is found to have engaged in unfair labour practices during the certification process, pass provincial anti-scab legislation, end the practice known as "double breasting," in which an employer with a unionized workplace creates a new company to hire non-unionized workers, and introduce sectoral bargaining for gig workers. 

Inquiry into orphan well debacle and overhaul of AER

Climate Plan

  • Rakhi Pancholi is the first candidate to release a detailed climate plan, which would establish a series of five-year emissions reduction targets beginning in 2030 for reaching net-zero by 2050, accept the federal mandate for a net-zero electricity grid by 2035, strengthen the province's carbon price for large emitters, ban coal mining on the Eastern Slopes and shut down the Canadian Energy Centre. 
  • Sarah Hoffman is the second candidate to release a climate plan. She calls for carbon emissions to be by 35 per cent below current levels by 2035 and plans to to it by replacing the carbon tax a provincial cap and trade system. She also wants to establish a Youth Climate Corps, create a Crown Corp to provide low-emission public transportation between Alberta communities and shut down the Canadian Energy Centre.
  • Gil McGowan would negotiate with the federal government to abandon its proposed oil and gas emissions cap, which he calls a "cumbersome and duplicative cap and trade system on top of a more effective carbon tax system," in exchange for increasing the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction tax on large emitters "more quickly."

Minimum wage

Royalty dividend

  • Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse promises that as premier she would introduce an Alberta Royalty Dividend. When the price of oil is above $70 a barrel royalty rates would increase and and a share of those increased royalties would be returned to Albertans. She also promises that she "will begin necessary work with First Nations on the Natural Resource Transfer Act in the spirit of reconciliation to facilitate an equitable framework for revenue sharing."

Public long-term care

  • Kathleen Ganley has promised that as premier she would invest solely in public long-term care and would impose standards on existing private long-term care facilities to ensure reasonable hours of care and decent wages and working conditions for workers. 

Water policy

  • Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse released her first policy package and it focuses on water. Calahoo Stonehouse would require the AER and other regulators to "actively monitor and disclose a range of water conditions and inform the public in real time when issues arise. She also promised to create a centre of excellence at the U of L focused on water conservation and create a youth and elders council to advise her on water issues.

Increased access to reproductive and sexual healthcare

  • Rakhi Pancholi has promised to provide universal contraception coverage, more public funding for IVF treatments, increased access to abortion healthcare by expanding who can prescribe Mifegymiso, and has promised to consult with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community on removing barriers and increasing access to gender affirming healthcare. 

Full-day kindergarten

Relations with the federal NDP

Internal governance

Income taxes