There's an app for that (and it's bad)

Progress Report #210
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r March 24, 2020

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We knew the UCP government would use the cover of the coronavirus crisis to ram through some wild policy, but even I’m surprised by the audacity of this one.

Last week the UCP launched and endorsed Babylon, a new ‘app-based healthcare service’ offered by Telus.

Alberta doctors were infuriated to learn that the government was paying Telus and the Babylon Health Services $38 per remote consultation, when the Alberta government was only paying local doctors $20. After a weekend of getting absolutely blasted online, Health Minister Tyler Shandro announced yesterday that Alberta doctors’ rates would be increased.

But that’s not the only problem with this app--like most of these tech-bro ‘disruptions’ of existing services, it seems to get its advantage by cutting corners and taking advantage. The Alberta Medical Association published a list of complaints on Sunday. Part of the Babylon service is to go not through a direct conversation with a doctor, but with an automated ‘chatbot.’ Critics in the UK, where Babylon has been doing business for a while, allege that the chatbot just gets diagnoses wrong--and has a tendency to dump people unnecessarily on the emergency room.

Add to that some serious privacy problems: the Babylon terms of service suggest that Babylon Health, a multinational corporation owned in large part by Saudi Arabia, can do whatever it wants with your health information--up to and including the videos of you consulting with their doctors. The NDP is calling for a review by the privacy commissioner but the UCP are, of course, not interested in that.

I would have expected the UCP push for privatizing our healthcare to be a bit more subtle than making an Uber out of it, but here we are. Wild times. Folks opposed to Babylon have taken to review-bombing it with bad ratings on the Android and iPhone stores; have fun with that, if you’re so inclined.


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