Denis the main character again. New report shows that car insurance companies were pandemic profiteers

Former conservative justice minister Jonathan Denis just refuses to step out of the spotlight: now Denis has been accused of a conflict of interest by a former conservative operative involved in Kenney’s ‘kamikaze candidate’ scandal

Image via the Government of Alberta's Flickr account.

The allegation comes from Cam Davies, the former co-campaign manager of Jeff Callaway’s campaign.

During the Office of the Elections Commissioner (OEC)’s investigation Davies retained a lawyer, Dale Fedorchuk, who worked at the same law firm as Denis. Davies says Fedorchuk gave privileged information to his law partner, Denis, in order to help another client under investigation by the OEC, Callaway.

Davies’ version of events is wild. According to him, Fedorchuk tried to set him up: the whole time he was paying Fedorchuk to defend him, he was actually conspiring with Denis to make Davies the scapegoat in order to protect Callaway.

It’s a hell of a streak for Denis, who was just over a week ago found guilty of contempt of court for trying to intimidate a witness, and is also facing allegations from an alleged former minion who claims Denis hired him to get at the personal phone records of a journalist Denis didn’t like. 

UCP handout to insurance companies took almost $400 million out of Albertans’ pockets

Back in 2019, waving around claims by the auto insurers that their industry was about to collapse, the UCP scrapped a cap on auto insurance rates that the Notley administration had brought in back in 2017. The Superintendent of Insurance’s annual report, sneakily released late last Thursday before the long weekend, finally gives us some sense of what that handout to industry cost: a lot.

Almost immediately after the cap was removed, rates across the province shot up by nearly 20%. Albertans paid $385 million more in car insurance premiums than they did in 2019 and with claims way down because of people driving less due to COVID the car insurance industry raked in $173 million more in profits in 2020 than they did in 2019.

The UCP scrapped that rate cap right after Kenney’s former chief of staff, Nick Koolsbergen, lobbied the government on behalf of Alberta’s insurance companies. 

Has your auto insurance increased by a lot since 2019? Reply to this email and let me know.  


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