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Progress Report #208
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r March 10, 2020

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To spite all the stress and anxiety that the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is putting on us, I want to open this edition of the newsletter with a story that fired me back up a little.

Last Friday, Sammy Hudes with the Calgary Herald reported that CSEC, the corporation that owns the Calgary Flames, was not going to pay any of its event staff or part-time workers whose jobs were being cut because of the pandemic.

CSEC is owned by a group of extremely rich men--including CNRL chairman Murray Edwards, former CNRL chairman Allan Markin, and Alvin Libin, founder of Extendicare (a private senior-care operator recently in the news after the absolutely inhumane death of one of its residents in Viking, Alberta.)

These are some of the richest men in Canada. They enjoyed quite the windfall thanks to UCP’s recent gigantic corporate tax cuts, and CSEC itself only a few months ago received nearly $290 million from the city of Calgary to build a new arena. But when it came time for them to pay it forward, they were happy to turn hundreds of struggling and precarious workers out into the cold in the middle of a pandemic that is shutting down the entire country.

People pay a lot of attention to news about their favorite sports teams and word of CSEC’s cruelty got out quickly. By Sunday morning a massive backlash was spreading online under the #ShameTheFlames hashtag. And after getting absolutely thrashed online and in the media by public figures, officials, and thousands of working-class folks, CSEC blinked. They announced yesterday that yes, they would pay their workers.

If you think that no amount of pressure or outrage will be enough to drive back Jason Kenney and the UCP, you should think again. I guarantee you that the billionaire ghouls behind CSEC don’t have any more empathy for humankind than Mr. Kenney does. But they blinked. They caved. And the UCP will cave too.

There’s no shortage of things we need to push back against.

Yesterday the UCP announced--in the middle of a global pandemic!--that they were ending the contracts of roughly half of Alberta’s radiologists. These folks just three months ago had been forced to eat a 12% cut, but Minister of Health Tyler Shandro directed AHS to tear up those contracts anyway. As of March 2021, they’re fired.

Yesterday it was revealed that the UCP are selling off Crown land around Taber--land that they have no right to sell. All of Alberta is treaty land, and the free and informed consent of Treaty 7 people must be given before the province can sell Crown land in that area.

And the UCP are still rushing to ram through a budget that makes per-capita cuts to healthcare, education, and public services.

*UPDATE* The UCP just backed down on their plans to upend physician billing. While we can't depend on pandemics to stop Kenney from throwing our healthcare system into chaos we can organize and put pressure on them and get wins in the short term while building power in the long term. 

They’ll tell you that now “isn’t the time for politics,” all while they're doing the politics to you. Meanwhile, even their response to the pandemic itself is deceitful. Did you hear in the news last week that the UCP were bringing in 14 days of paid sick leave for workers impacted by the coronavirus? You might even have seen the press release online where they promised to amend the Employment Standards Code to do it. All signs point now to that being a flat lie: the CBC’s Janet French, reporting on the budget yesterday, found that in fact there were no changes to the ESC coming, and that really this was just the 14 days of EI that the federal government--Trudeau, not Kenney--was giving to us.

It’s outrageous and I know that with all of us cooped up to avoid spreading the virus, it can seem like just another thing that’s out of our control.

But remember how quickly the billionaire owners of the Flames, some of Canada’s most powerful men, were forced to back down. All it took was us standing up as one. So even if all you’ve got to fight with for the next couple of weeks is your keyboard, fight. Don’t let up. We can win!


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