Beware the Blob: The Edmonton Police budget is coming for you and everything you care about

If you live in Edmonton you are going to see a higher than expected increase to your property taxes. If you’re one of 4,500 inside city workers in Edmonton you haven’t seen a pay increase in five years and are still without a contract.

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A UN report slammed the predatory practices of Canada’s TFW program. Some of the worst abuses of this "breeding ground" for modern slavery are here in Alberta

In September, following a two-week visit to Canada, UN special rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery Tomoya Obokata declared Canadian programs that tie foreign labourers to a specific employer, including the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program, to be a “breeding ground” for modern slavery. 

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The University of Alberta’s $1.4 million-dollar Nazi problem

On Sept. 26, University of Alberta VP Verna Yiu announced that a $30,000 endowment for the school’s Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) in the name of Yaroslav Hunka, the Waffen-SS veteran who earned international infamy after he received two standing ovations in Canadian Parliament, would be returned to his family. 

The school also committed to reviewing its naming policies to avoid similar embarrassments in the future. 

The University of Alberta’s Nazi veteran donor problem runs far deeper than a $30,000 donation in Hunka’s name. The U of A has far deeper ties to Ukrainian Nazi collaborators, with endowments and donations in their names worth well over $1.4 million.

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Edmonton police commission gets dangerously close to doing some governance, pulls back at last minute

Edmonton City councillor and police commissioner Anne Stevenson proposed a minor change to how reports on use-of-force tactics are compiled during a Sept. 21 police commission meeting. What happened next demonstrates just how ineffective an institution the Edmonton Police Commission is. 

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Alberta, the hollow state

Alberta has all the trappings of a modern subnational government attached to a real life, honest-to-god state: political parties, laws, a bureaucracy, a guy in a fancy hat who carries a mace. But decades of conservative rule have hollowed out Alberta to the point where it is simply incapable of providing the services, support and guarantee of safety that a provincial or state-level government should provide.

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UCP appointee and donor says he aims to end "liberal indoctrination" at the University of Alberta

A 2021 appointee to the University of Alberta senate who has pledged to end “liberal indoctrination” donated more than $20,000 to conservative political parties from 2016 to 2021 and sat on the board of his local UCP constituency association.

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Edmonton cop who stole cash three separate times can’t be fired rules judge. Likely owed more than $500,000 in back pay

An Edmonton cop who stole cash in three separate incidents, including once from a murder crime scene, gets to keep his job, according to a recent ruling by an Alberta Court of Appeal judge and may be owed more than a half-million in back pay.

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Edmonton’s police chief blames victim of alleged police brutality by constable—and it’s not the first time

Chief Dale McFee of the Edmonton Police Service blamed the victims of Cst. Alex Doduk in two recent civil trials where Doduk was charged with assault with a weapon and where he shot someone to death. Cst. Doduk is currently on paid leave for an unrelated matter which has not been disclosed. 

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Civil rights activists are suing Edmonton over its inhumane encampment policies. Here’s why city council should throw the case

Civil rights activists in Edmonton have launched a lawsuit to stop the city from evicting encampments of unhoused people when the city knows they have nowhere to go.  Officially, the city says it will vigorously fight for the right to continue brutalizing the homeless, stealing and destroying their property, and putting their lives and safety at risk. But morally, there is only one ethical choice for councillors and the mayor: the city needs to lose, and these thirteen politicians need to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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Harm reduction advocate Euan Thomson says Calgary police targeted him for surveillance through database name search

Harm reduction advocate Euan Thomson, pictured with a "Dead People Don't Recover" sign, protests the Alberta Recovery Capital Conference on Feb. 21. After he promoted the protest on his newsletter earlier that month, Calgary police searched his name in their database. (Submitted)

Calgary police won’t explain why a local harm reduction advocate and police critic’s name was searched in their database twice in February, but maintain that the searches were legitimate. 

Euan Thomson filed an Aug. 9 complaint with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPCA) about the police database search, arguing he’s being targeted for his activism. He requested the identity of those who conducted the search, the reason why they conducted it and any internal correspondence regarding the search. 

“It feels at minimum like a breach of trust and a breach of privacy, but at worst it feels like an attempt to intimidate me into silence,” he told the Progress Report. 

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